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Championing a new era in hospitality & service management education.

EVS Hotel-Pro E College, Scandinavia's leading provider of private Hospitality education, is proud to introduce the College of Hospitality and Service Management. 

The college serves as a centre of service education excellence, representing the embodiment of international standards in industry-aligned service and hospitality-focused qualifications, each underpinned by a strong commercial learning foundation. The qualifications offered at the college serve to equip future graduates with both the requisite commercial and operational acumen necessary to successfully navigate the private and public sectors. 

 In response to a growing market demand, paired with a rapid global shift to a service-focused and experience economy, EVS Hotel-Pro have established the College of Hospitality & Service Management. Through the college, we seek to specifically address the rapidly expanding need for service, hospitality and customer-centric education, spanning entry-level through to management-level qualifications. The launch of the College of Hospitality and Service Management signals a commitment to remodeling, re-conceptualizing and reimagining the provision of service-centered, industry-aligned professional qualifications.

Certified Hotel Manager

Do you want a job with a lot of variety and responsibility? Do you like working with many contact areas and different types of work? Are you a natural leader who likes to work on coaching and service delivery? Then the Certified Hotel Manager training is something for you! The training provides a comprehensive view of your hotel business and its components. 

Introduction to International Travel & Tourism

Travel destinations, whether natural or created, are the magnets that set the whole process of tourism in motion. In this course, we look at the motivations of travelers as well as the nature of mass-market travel destinations. Many of these destinations are, to all intents and purposes a part of the hospitality industry and offer attractive career prospects for students. 

Certificate in Hotel Operations

Set out in a series of 4 focused modules, this course is designed to provide the students with in-depth insight into the practice of Hotel Operations. With topics ranging from Career Planning, External forces affecting the Industry, Managing Human Resources and Financial Controls to Planning and Leadership & Directing – This course will provide an excellent base to kick start a career.

Certificate in Front Office Operations

Reservations , Bell Services, Reception, Guest Services and Concierge are all part of this wonderful division. This course gives you insight and training in all of them and how you interact throughout the hotel.

Diploma in Food Service Management

This course is designed for Aspiring Food and Beverage Professionals to help them better understand the various facets of Food and Beverage Operations. The curriculum is resourceful to those who are keen on furthering their career in Hospitality and Food and Beverage Operations. With Sections on the Varied Fields of F&B Operations, detail on Franchising, Management Companies and Government Services, we also re-enforce the basics on various types of services, table settings, equipment used in service, types of menus, types of service operations, food garnishes and accompaniments, and various standard operating procedures followed by food and beverage service business.

Certificate in Housekeeping Operations

The job of the housekeeper is one of the most important in hotels. in this course we provide you with detail on how the duties are carried out and how you interact within the hotel

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The Courses here are especially designed for the East African Market that you can transfer to real- life experiences the world over!

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